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Christian Boddum (ChristianBoddum) wrote:
Hi !

I been trying to come up with a technique for

for a gun pointed to the front of the face,

I haven't tried it out yet but here's where I'm at : get in gyaku-hanmi off line stand

as if to do a nikkyo but grab the barrel like

gokkyo without changing stance ,tenkan deep

like ikkyo -left hand behind ukes right elbow,get left hand from elbow to wrist,

use left elbow to push down with bodyweight

disarm in a kotegaeshi manner by turning barrel towards ukes face and throw it away.

The right hand must come up to gokkyo grip from center to be quickkest and not seen -

no big swing gokkyo here !

Yours - Chr.B.
Does you Life Assurance company know you are practicing this?

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