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Re: Spear Training for Internal Power

Hi Tim,

Well, from the spear work I've done it's been primarily towards two ends - building up the power of the middle and then being able to convey that out my hands. At the gym, the two biggest differentials I see from this type of training is that there's an inherent stability gain while still being loose and soft. Where the power out the hands kicks in is in gnp or dirty boxing ranges as you can bring more of you to bear from less distance or windup.

At least at the level I'm at, it's far from a panacea or silver bullet - these are tough guys that fight in the casino shows up at the Niagara and regional pro events all over. So, by no means is it a walk through - but what I'm working towards in the long run is imposing my game in their space rather than being forced to play theirs.
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