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Re: Ki is Kindness.

Thank you very much, Prof. Goldsbury, that was very informative!
You said #3 seemed to be the most spiritually inclined definition, but as I was reading #1 it seemed to fit the description too, at least, per my (again, probably fairly weak) understanding of natural religions. Is it supposing some fundemental particle (similar to what the "atom" was theorized to be before we learned it too had parts and just kept the name for convenience) or energy which is in essence, everything?
I definately chose my words poorly when I spoke of "authentic spiritual point[s] of view." I meant to suggest that the usage I described ("source" ki and the de facto kindness which might generally come from it) might be relevant to O Sensei's spirituality as well as what I saw of Graham's sense of it, insofaras O Sensei seemed to also look to Jinja Shinto (not just Omotokyo) as an authority on at least some spiritual matters...again, assuming my understanding isn't too muddled (just muddled enough I hope).
Thanks to everyone for some great food for thought!
Take care,
p.s. for any Ice T fans out there: somehow genki has generated a parody of "OG" that keeps running through my head. "O Ki, original Ki-ster!" Of course I am an original keister, so it works on so many wonderful levels.'s probably a good thing I can amuse myself so easily...right?

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