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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Yes!! That takes commitment Henry.....

Me, I'd give 'em the wallet and then kick the shit out of them when I've dropped it on the deck..... Hypothetically ......Ha ha!!
What!!!??? No 'going out wallet'?

A friend of mine (a bit of a 'larriken' - to be charitible) comes up with his usuall; "Gottina fight again last night." (This guy can get in a fight in the middle of the roadway on the Sydney Harbour Bridge !) "A gang of little kids, too many of them, I felt my wallet going out the back pocket, one's head is in my face so I bit his ear, they soon bolted when a bit of blood appeared, they race across the road and go "ha ha, we got ya wallet."

"Thats a bummer." I said

"Nah, just my going out wallet."

???? Apparently a going out wallet is one with enough cash in it to get drunk, eat and get home and nothing else.

.... I know nothing of such things! - I have a reverse wallet, full of crap but no money!

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