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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

This will be fun...

Your parents and friends slowly back away when you say "I learned something new at class".

You hold brooms, mops and every other straight ended object like a jo.

Your friends know all the dojo terminology you do.

Your school nurse knows the exact time you will come on the days after you have had class.

Your school nurse has set aside a supply of athletic tape and bandages and Advil for you.

Your friends know exactly when you classes are, who all is at your dojo, and when your next seminar is.

Your parents don't bother to say "Be careful" when you go to class or a knife clinic. They just say "Pack plenty of Advil, ice packs, tape and bandages."

Your friends all know to not bug you the day after you had to miss class.

Teachers can tell what you did at class by how much you limp/groan when you move.

You ruin Martial Arts movies for everyone else because you point out all the ukemi, all the moves and the errors in them.

You are so accustomed to falling, when you fall outside of class, you take a fall and get back up, not realizing you have fallen.

A week after you started Aikido, you were doing roll falls on cement, through the store, in the library, down hills, around the gym, and, to the horror of you new teachers, down school hallways because it will cut the time.

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