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Re: Ki is Kindness.

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Hi Carina,
Hope you don't mind me coming back to this point.

I like your view. For all those arguing about words and meanings may I say this; With all words there is a BASIC concept. One which leads to all the future variations. I don't see all these intellectual attackers giving a basic concept or meaning for Ki.

One person who decided to take responsibility for this aspect of Aikido was Tohei Sensei. He defined it, gave a rendition of it's use and origins as a word et al. His interview was in english so theres no excuse for those who say yeah but language......

This can be found in Aikijournal-interview with Koichi Tohei (4).

He said it means spirit of the universe. I think this works quite well with your examples of words encompassing the word ki, in fact there are hundreds of them.

Ki is thus spirit according to it's basic concept. Therefore that which comes from, is innate to spirit is Ki.

Kindness is of the spirit and thus ki is kindness. In fact all energies of spirit are Ki so love is also ki, compassion also.

Studying the effect of kindness, an example I gave at the beginning of this thread, showed me the power of kindness rather than just the meaning of the word. Studying the effect of love and what it does a person can learn that it is all embrasive, welcoming, all inclusive, supportive, wow! Thats powerrful isn't it?

Now applying this to Aikido leads to new views and recognitions of what O'Sensei meant. For example love is all embrasive, wecoming, all inclusive, supportive, so what principle did that lead me to in Aikido? Well firstly it helped me with the act of blending with the opponent but then led to a principle of 'be with'

Many talk about connection, I have put this in the form of a principle calle be with. This improved my Aikido tenfold. Suddenly I knew what O'Sensei meant by there is no opponent and similar statements. Thus I say as a golden rule of my Aikido that there is no against in Aikido.

When techniques are not working or I'm stuck I recognise I'M not being with and have gone into opposition and thus separated and gone against and caused my own problem.

Just thought I'd tell you my view, validate your view, and expand on the topic of the thread.

Thanks Graham.
I understand also that the attackers don't understand, it is very difficult and it takes a lot of sensitiveness that they don't have therefore they cannot understand. I feel a bit of pity for them
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