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Re: Ki is Kindness.

Carina Reinhardt wrote: View Post
Alejandro all human beeings are different, so everybody has his own thoughts, for your ki might not be kindness but I think you can accept that some of us not agree with you. This ki was treated in a spiritual way
I think this is some of my point. The post did not say "my ki is kindess." The post asserted that ki is kindness; yours, mine, Graham's.

I think there is merit to what Graham says, but I am not sure if he expands his assertion beyond his own belief he can substantiate his claim to others. Its one to say "I think blue is the best color." It's another thing to say, "blue is the best color." It's yet another thing to say "blue is the best color", but you actually mean yellow, not blue. When we present a claim for discussion, we have an obligation to present the claim in such a manner as to withstand argument, then reflect upon that discussion to improve our presentation next time.

Likewise, isn't that how we train with others? to learn our suki so we may better present ourselves next time?

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