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Re: Ki is Kindness.


How can you speak with confidence to what Ueshiba meant if you don't understand the meaning of his concepts within his own religious tradition or the cultural or linguist idioms involved? You allude to him (again), but you don't address Jon's point about the translation problem any more than you did my point about the religious transposition problem.

With due respect, it's my impression that the view you're presenting is maybe 75 to 80 percent your own. That certainly doesn't make your view right or wrong. But, in fairness, what Jon requested was support for your view, not elaboration of it.

I hope you look up the series of articles referenced in the "a bit of history" thread soon. It would be interesting to hear how your point of view survives its encounter with historical fact and context.

I know a shihan (in the sense that I've attended seminars he has taught) who was an uchideshi of O Sensei -- one of his last. He is always mindful not to be too close when he bows to the kamiza. He remarked one time it made it easier for him to remember O Sensei as a human being.


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