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Re: Ki is Kindness.

The post is certainly interesting...

I'll set my preface with this, very little of the loose "interpretations" of what O'Sensei said are actually translations. I think we all need to take with a grain of salt any doctrine that comes down defining how O'Sensei expressed his views on the world. I am also a firm believer in self-reliance and accountability, so this perspective is difficult for me to understand given the lack of support. While I believe that we should advocate that our students responsibly use their knowledge, I do not advocate a spiritual agenda in class.

Ki is non-resistive therefore it cannot be opposed and reaches through to the being. It brings about a betterment of well being or condition thus it never harms. This is kindness in action.
I would like to see more [any] supportive evidence for this statement. I don't know if I buy the claim that "ki" has a little conscious sitting on his shoulder telling him what to do. Ki is a tool, wielded by one who may express positive or negative attributes. Hammers are great tools too. A hammer can build a house, but it can also whack a finger. I think it may be reasonable to assert that those who train diligently in aikido are more prone to positive behavior, but I do not believe you can make an assertive claim like ki is kindness. And seriously, if you bring up midichlorians...

If a madman attacks you he is actually looking for someone to stop him just like the bully in school and so he is looking for this definite kindness.
I believe this statement is false. Madmen are, by definition, incomprehensible as defined by their action. Madmen are not comparable to school yard bullies. People are responsible for their own decisions, good and bad. Now if you are claiming a juvenile mindset reasons that acting out in behavior will yield attention (positive or negative), I'll buy that... Heck, anyone who has children can buy that. But equating a juvenile mindset to the calculating and incomprehensible mindset of a truly evil person? Not buying...

Ki's got nothing to do with kindness. A correlation? Sure. Is there an overlap between those who practice budo and express kindness? I believe so. But there is also a correlation between those who practice aikido and wear their pajamas in public. So is ki adult undergarments?

You wanna preach about kindness, knock yourself out. You want to conform your students to a social model of philosophy as part of their training, knock yourself out. But I am not sure I'd go and start making these kinds of claims without some evidence. Maybe refine them with some concrete proof? but don't say "you have to feel it"...

There used to be a time when you were accountable for your actions and responsible for their consequences, now we get to say, "well, if someone cared enough about me, I never would have done those terrible things..."
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Some people really do need help, its a shame we have chosen to bury those troubled individuals amongst the masses of self-excuse.

Thanks for spurring interesting conversation Graham.
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