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Re: Ichi no ken ?

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Jacob wrote:

Jacob - This is a really important statement. I think you are absolutely correct, in so far as Saito sensei's weapon's work, and all of it's off-shoots. However, let me add a caveat. Note this video Through most of it, Ueshiba is doing the blending you are talking about. But here and there, he demonstrates internal strength. We have two alternative explanations, in my view:
1. Ueshiba M. only wanted to teach the blending/musubi, which comprised most of his demonstrations, but to demonstrate his mastery/how wonderful he <alone> was, he added these internal strength manifestations that he learned from Daito-ryu.
2. The organization of the body and mind that occurs with internal strength training is absolutely essential to achieve ki no musubi abilities at a high level. Those abilities enable the practitioner to elicit certain responses from aite which are NOT dependent on them taking "good" ukemi or becoming a "dive bunny."

Ellis Amdur
Couldn't say it better myself. Brilliant! Man we really need to get together someday over drinks! (I'm frequently visiting the east coast...)

Jakob Blomquist
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