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Re: Experience

Dave de Vos wrote: View Post
Yes, training with dedication is much more effective. But as you say, it is hard to stay dedicated over the years. I feel very dedicated to aikido now, but that is easy because I just started. I used to be very dedicated to go in my first 4 years. Over the years my dedication has shrunken to about 25% of my original dedication. Is it possible to maintain ones initial dedication for decades?
I don't know, I'm just past my first Aikido decade myself. But as of right now, I'm more interested in Aikido then ever. Seems like every day I find something else to work on.

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I would think that a large portion of the "less dedicated aikidoka with many training hours" is still getting something out of training. Why else would they keep showing up?
There are lots of things to get from going to Aikido besides the training. Your ego gets stroked as a senior member of the Dojo, you get to chat with long time friends, you might enjoy ordering kohai around, getting away from the wife/husband kids. There are lots of distractions if you want to take them.

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Are you talking about Aikiweb posts?
Posts I read mentioning many training years did not feel like bragging to me. Senior members here seem to be quite mild-mannered, just being helpful and conveying some information about themselves so readers know the advice is coming from someone with experience.
No, I don't mean bragging in a malicious way. But people do like to talk about how long they've been "training". Most Aikido people are pretty good people, this was the subject you brought up, I'm simply sharing my observations.

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