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Re: Experience

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Nice post Dave de Vos.

I think you are spot on with your assessment. Showing up and "clocking in" doesn't really do it either though.
While some Uchi-deshi who has been training for only 1 year could easily rack up 1500 hours of very intense, dedicated training.

In most of the Martial arts I've studied I was in the lead pack of students. Those that gave 100% to everything they did, living breathing and eating the training. However I have done a few martial arts where I noticed that I was not there, I just was not as interested in the training. Even though I had the same "time-in" in two different systems, the one's I cared about I became very good at very quickly, but the ones where I tried less I was never in the lead pack of students.

You have to be present in order to improve. That gets harder the longer you study one thing because you must continue to stay interested, finding new ways to improve and develop. Most hobbyists will never do this.
Yes, training with dedication is much more effective. But as you say, it is hard to stay dedicated over the years. I feel very dedicated to aikido now, but that is easy because I just started. I used to be very dedicated to go in my first 4 years. Over the years my dedication has shrunken to about 25% of my original dedication. Is it possible to maintain ones initial dedication for decades?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I've trained with several Aikidoists who have been doing Aikido since the 70's, most of them show up regularly, bow in and "train" several times a week. But, while they are physically there, they are not mentally/spiritually there, so they've stopped growing. They have 30+ years in class, an honest 10,000+ years "training" but they were only truly present for 2000-3000 hours of training.
I would think that a large portion of the "less dedicated aikidoka with many training hours" is still getting something out of training. Why else would they keep showing up?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
so they brag about their 30+ years of training, but really have done less then a serious 3 year student.
Are you talking about Aikiweb posts?
Posts I read mentioning many training years did not feel like bragging to me. Senior members here seem to be quite mild-mannered, just being helpful and conveying some information about themselves so readers know the advice is coming from someone with experience.

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