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Re: Experience

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
This suggests your focus is not on the game itself, but on winning, progress, achieve the next rank.
Your intuition is very good. Indeed, I focus too much on winning. Trying to prove I am making progress gets in the way of making progress.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in my first aikido seminar. One of the things Shimamoto shihan said to us: "you are not fighting your opponent(partner). You are fighting yourself." The funny thing is, even though I know it works this way in go too, I still can't help myself.

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
In other words, when you think your progress comes to a halt, your commitment is what makes you continue, regardless.
I hope this makes sense.
Indeed, although I may never break away from this plateau, I love the game too much to stop trying.

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
I've heard it said that during these long plateaus there actually IS active learning going on, it just isn't integrating/manifesting yet and that eventually there is a real Aha! or shift that occurs.
Thank you for the encouragement. I may be learning to not let myself get carried away by complacency or fear. Taking up Aikido may improve my mental balance (I think it has this effect on me).
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