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I could still learn very much in go. 9 dan is the highest rank and then there are title matches between the strongest 9 dans. That is out of reach for me in my lifetime. But 5 dan would be a realistic goal.

The thing is that I feel that I stopped learning years ago, even though I spend time on go. I could add 10 more years without improving at all. I know I should increase the intensity of my training to improve, but my motivation for that is lacking. It would come down to spending a lot of effort for a small improvement (or perhaps no improvement at all). That is one of the reasons I was looking for a new challenge, which I found in aikido. It feels so good to get noticeable improvement from effort spent.

Can aikidoka recognize this feeling? Have you experienced long episodes where you lost motivation because you stopped improving?
Yes, I can, at the beginning sometimes I felt like that, that instead of going forwards I stoppedI was not improving, but since my shodan, I think this is the very first step to know anything about aikido I feel happy about every new class, every new movement, every correction of my teacher to become better.
Dave if you feel you are not improving in go, just relax, try to enjoy your aikido classes and maybe in a few months or a year you will enjoy go again.
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