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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
Hi Tony
When the would be muggers demanded his wallet, Abbe Sensei carefully took it from his inside pocket, dropped it at his feet before making his generous offer. It was a rare occasion for Sensei to leave the dojo on his own as we usually all caught the same tube train home.

Henry Ellis
I didn't know that Henry, but it seems the real fighting mind set does have it's common thought?

I had a similar situ in my cab one night, where they all (5) decided they weren't going to pay the fare and what they were going to do to me if they got out...... London style cabs have a locking system for the back doors This made the hackles in my neck bulge as I thought 'ere we go again' took a deep breath and quietly said to them through the partition. "Look fella's there's five of you and one of me, I ain't going to be able to take all five of you, but rest assured one of you is going to die, which one is it gonna be? It went quiet for a few seconds and then they all broke out in laughter!! Here's me sitting there wondering what the joke was about......!!
Then one guy said "naaah mate were just kiddin' ya!! Carry on.... you'll get yer money". It stayed eerily quiet and subdued for the rest of the journey until I stopped to drop them of at a "rave" as they were known then. The mouthy one gave me the fare [u]and[u] a tip then said "Like yer bottle geezer" followed by the others saying yeh mate, good on yer!!
I can tell you now I was shaking like a leaf for about ten minutes after that with the adrenalin dump.....
Happy days!!
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