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"do you think aiki energy, especially for beginners newly experiencing it, has anything to do with this crush-on-the-sensei phenomena? I suspect it does. "

I don't think it has anything to do with Ki, it has to do with the fact that aikido is a sexy thing to do. Seriously, first of all there's all the role-play, uke and nage, defined power relationships, which makes it all faintly redolent of S&M play. Add to that the physical intimacy, the way in which uke and nage communicate (which is, at its best similar to the kind of communication that takes place with great sex). It makes you feel good, it flushes your face, it gets your heart thumping. Everybody's touching everybody, and seriously concentrating on how they're making eachother feel (on some level) while indulging in role-play that defines Top and Bottom...

Sure makes your sensei start to look like your daddy, if you know what I mean (wink wink)...

That was just a joke, and I'm not saying that aikidoists are a bunch of pervs or for that matter even have sex in mind when training. All I'm saying is that power and intimacy are strong sexy signifiers (not to mention kiai-ing men in skirts!), and that it's no surprise that sexy, crushy feelings happen in an environment that is full of sexy, crushy cues.

Of course I would never admit that I could ever find aikido sexy to anyone in my dojo because no one would ever train seriously again. But I can't be the only one who's noticed...
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