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Re: YouTube: Golden Center Sword

Very instructive - thank you.
I bookmarked them, for this illustrates perfectly the type of approach that made me unfit for most dojos.

I have arranged with 3 partners and we train at home - there may be no mat and thus we need extra care (plus knee protections, boxing helmet, and we conclude no projection), and there may be no instructor and thus we may never develop a gracious looking aikido (or have hope for a belt); and yet, we also don't do that type of things we see in the videos :-)

The fact Aikido is so aristocratic and so inclined to let you entertain the hope for a supernatural approach to fight, made too many forget that in order to attain that supernatural approach, you have to spend a lifetime of training first (and also have a mental talent - consider George Ledyard: his posts are always among the very best, and this because he is clearly intellectual, and yet martial -he spoke of budo, in fact).

We don't need more guys who speak of "ki". The truth is: I have no idea what "ki" is. If we are not ready to admit that, we have no hope of attaining it one day. However, we have significant chances of developing an "aikido" like that of the video, spend money for it, and say it's like that because we're using "our ki".
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