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Michael Neal
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Re: YouTube: Golden Center Sword

Just compare to the Aikido shown in the Samurai Spirit Aikido (documentary) video, especially the scenes where the Aikido students are training.

There is a magnitude of difference in training intensity, I am actually more interested in Aikido after watching them. But the video here makes me think these other guys are just smoking weed swinging wooden sticks around for Live Action Role Playing.

George is right, Aikido is in a serious crisis right now. I have been away from these forums for a few years and instantly noticed how there are so fewer posts here than in the past. Seems interest has really faded.

Shodokan and Yoshinkan are actually becoming respected in some MMA circles, I am seeing more positive attitude towards Aikido as a result. Aikido has a chance to rebound with the right kind of training.

Time for an Aikido Renaissance!

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