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Re: Aikido in MMA and Street Fight

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Hey guys,

Just wanting to know if you have used Aikido in a fight (real or sparing)? And if so how?
In a 'fight' I tend to get into a kick boxing wrestling sorta thing. So I dont get into fights ... their nasty, end up in a scuffle usually, with grazed knees, scratches and bites ... if your lucky. Finish them as quick as possible I reckon ... or do the bolt

In a spar its much the same, kickboxey type of stuff, with occasions to use some type of aikido, usually after atemi. Sometimes someone might offer one a good opportunity for a classical aikido move, then I'll take it. But I'm no expert.

Its like kicking for me, I'm not a strong kicker and wont go in for the classic nutsmasher, but if my partner is just standing there, legs apart, in range, trying to punch me in the face, well .....

But I have never thought anyone martial art, for me, is the answer, I practice aikido at the moment but that and other martial arts I have done have never been the end all for me. Thats not why I do aikido

That being said, I have to say my aikido training has led me to a much grater understanding and interpretation of the application of techniques taught in other martial arts (specifically kata bunkais!)
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