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Re: Ichi no ken ?

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Hi again. It seems to me that if you had them down pretty good then you did. Plus, if you did then you won't lose what you learned so don't worry about that.

I'm more interested in the part about a move being brought into question and what you mean by that. G.
eg. I believe I was always told number 5 is on the same side as 1,2 and 3, only 4 is on the other side, I train with soeone one week, we agree. Next week, that person doesnt show but another one does and says, oh no, number 5 is on the other side too.


Number 1 first movement; student attacks the head of teacher with, I believe, kira ski - (Sic? Which I understand to mean 'thrusting cut to the face'? [now I've done it haven't I ? ] ) I have been told this is just an exercise so the student can get a feel of ma'ai and other things. The teacher just stands there giving the student a target and forcus, he holds his sword horizontally over his brow, as I was told, to just give a focus and so teacher is not constantly bokked on the head by unfocused student technique.

Somehow, with some, this seems to have turned into a 'block', and IMO a very innefectual one, Some have realised this and tried to turn it into a better 'block' thus defeating the purpose (?) of the exercise in the first place? *

I was hoping to find others who were familiar with these exercises and compare notes beyond the small range of my immediate training environs..

* And who knows how some things evolved in most martial traditions ... with a 'Do' at least. I was learning Chinto Kata for a while and was always baffled at the sloppiness of the last move evryone was doing. previously, and in other kata, the last move and final position is very formal and strong ... you are often judged quiet harsly on your last final move and pose. When I asked why I was shown an old film of that stlyes Okinawan master performing Chinto, he was very old and by then probably, ( in retrospect) quiet ill. By the end of the kata (quiet vigorous with jumping double kicks and spinning crane stances),on the film, he looked quiet beat and stiff. They had been exactly copying him. At least now - in my old age I can finally perform the kata properly :laugh:

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