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Marc Abrams
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Re: Golden Center Sword

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Marc. Chill out. 1) I now understand what collusive attacking is.
2) Where on Gods green earth did I come to the belief that you could not see it? From you, thats where, you said it yourself.
3)Only rants like this, and collusive attacking and belittling give me the idea that maybe I do 'know' more than some here. Why don't I bring in some sumo wrestlers?

Didn't realize some are so childish and disrespectful. My fault. I apologize. G.

Please allow me to offer you a constructive re-frame to this response.
1) Instead of me "chilling out", maybe you should ramp it up. Words like connection, Ki,...... are nice and fuzzy things to explore in a gentle, collusive environment and simply do not offer a pathway to utilizing these necessary skills in the middle of chaos and conflict. You stated that the videos posted were how you ran your classes. That pattern of training simply does not translate to functional effectiveness in the midst of a real conflict. I suggest that you find some way to communicate with, or research the experiences of teachers who did train under O'Sensei to get an idea as to what that training environment was like. Practicing in your manner is your choice. Acting as a teacher implies a far greater degree of responsibility that can directly effect the health and well-being of your students.

2) I saw and understood quite well what was and what was not going on in your video clips. If you think that my response was a "rant" then that says an awful lot in regards to your ability to function in the midst of true conflict. Your belief that maybe you do "know more" than others on this forum has yet to be observed through your video clips and writings. Both demonstrate a place in your training where a little knowledge and experience is being interpreted as far beyond what is really there. That is not a safe place to be when having to actually rely on what you really do know. A sumo wrestler, along with the other possibilities that I did suggest would be helpful to you. Drop your defensiveness and find out how empty your "glass of experience" is. This is a very helpful tool. One that I regularly employ to find as many holes in my skill sets and understandings as I possibly can, so that I can work even harder to better develop my skill sets and understandings to the levels of my teachers.

3) Your reference to people being childish and disrespectful is simply your defensiveness trying to mask your own inadequacies that come across in a all-to-typical, passive-aggressive manner amongst Aikidoka. You have a foundation upon which you have the opportunity to develop and later teach Aikido. Stop sitting back and recounting all of your years of hard work to reach the level of enlightenment that you believed that you have reached. Go out and push yourself to discover where you really are. My suggestions to you were designed to push you in that direction. That is where real growth and progress lies. Many of us continue along this path in hopes of being able to better represent an art that is so inconsistently represented throughout the world. The more we discover, the more we discover how little we have uncovered and how much more there is to delve into so that real progress is achieved.

You are best served by dropping the apologies and pontifications and begin to push yourself in whatever manner possible to safely test the boundaries of your competence.

Believe it or not, we will still be here supporting you and pushing you to not give up when you truly come face-to-face with where you really are. The first Aiki Expo was the first of those profound wake-up calls for me. I still push myself harder and harder every year to find those wake-up calls.

Good Luck!

Marc Abrams
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