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Re: Golden Center Sword

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

Sometimes a healthy dose of reality is needed to break through. I was actually being relatively kind in my dosing. When he seeks to pontificate based upon a cursory understanding, he invites a certain nature of response. He is very lucky this is the Aikido world. Much of the martial arts world is not as charitable as we tend to be.

We both agree about the nature of Graham's practice. I agree that his heart is in the right place. When you teach, you need much more than a heart in the right place. Hopefully, he can take what he has and move beyond where he is, so that he can regain a realistic sense of martial integrity to all aspects of his Aikido life.


Marc Abrams
Dear Marc,
Thanks for your comments.Unfortunately Aikido has for some people a quasi mystical element.All this stuff about love /harmony/ making oneself blend with the universal etc
I have it on good authority that O Sensei was a man who could get quite agitated on certain occasions .In this particular mode his hair on the back of his neck bristled.
Certainly some of the Shihan I have worked with have the ability to really damage you big time.However having the ability to sort somebody out , does not mean you have to exercise that ability.Rather than use the Iron Fist use the Buddha Heart.
Severe training[Shugyo] nowadays is pretty rare.Some classes do not focus on the Martial aspects of Aikido. This is ok if thats what the teacher /students want. Each person has to choose their own path.But the Path surely must be based on sound principles.If not the Art gets diluted and before long Aikido is no more . We must try and preserve the values of Aikido for the future generations.

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