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Re: Golden Center Sword

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Um yes the videos you posted earlier showing training without weapons. Like others who posted in that thread, my teacher's lineage is Tohei Sensei and we include his 4 principles and are explicit about ki in our training- but we are also equally explicit about sincere attacks and martial intent, which I believe is what several of us are saying we don't see in your videos.
Well done Janet, thats a bit more specific and clearer. So let me say this: You will never see sincere attacks with martial intent in an Aikido video unless you see an Aikidoka using it in a real life situation from some street happening or such.

Then there is what you mean by sincere. A 'slow' sincere cut with tegatana using Ki or weight underside is far more powerful than a fast super physically strong cut believe it or not.

Until a person has experienced this then of course they can't see it. As for the martial intent, well I can only tell you this: Once O'Sensei said true budo is love and then formed Aikido I believe at that point the whole purpose of this martial discipline changed. No longer was it to defeat the enemy or to dominate or to win etc. It was now to harmonise and thus the spiritual side of the techniques and motions needed to be fully understood and experienced which takes far more discipline than mere physical.

Anyway, now that you have pointed out your viewpoint regarding those who say about Tohei and Ki etc. I see where you and others are coming from.

Thank you. G.
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