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graham christian
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Wink Re: YouTube: Golden Center Sword

Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
Graham, I just noticed in the last video that you had your blade down when you drew your ken from your belt. Just practice or is that how you normally do it?

Anyway, I'm not here to sound off on what's good or bad about the way you practice, there's a time and place for relaxed practice and I guess this place is it. You probably could get away with how you set up your dojo in this setting, but if you were to ever do more rigorous training, you might consider protecting that furniture next to the mats. The corner looks like an accident waiting to happen.
Hi Ahmad.
Not sure what you mean about the sword blade being down.

Granted the corner could be padded up. Rest assured that all students are taught as a priority that it is their duty to protect their attacker in my Aikido. This means they are made fully responsible for the attacker. Peace. G.
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