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This is becoming a 'mystery'.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hi Michael. You are talking about solo execises with the bokken which are called suburi. There are seven of them, the names merely coming from numbers.

When practicing these with a partner they are called kumitachi exercises.

This comes under Aikiken and you will find the information you are looking for on wikepedia if you type in Aikiken.

Good luck, (but not in the cricket) G.
No I am not talking about solo exercises. It takes two to do this tango. I do know what a suburi is and I can count to 10 in Japanese so I understand where the names come from. Kumitachi seems an unfamiliar term and practice in my neck of the woods. I checked the ref you gave but it seems to come up kumitachi again. I already checked the kumitachi I was given reference to above and they are not like the 5 sword movements I described above.

But thanks for your (on topic ) response anyway.
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