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Russ Q
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Re: YouTube: Golden Center Sword

I prefer just clips taken from normal training where it all looks too easy
Graham, it all looks so easy cause it is....the way you are doing it....Looks like you and your mate were running the dojo that day. I know this is unsolicited advice:-) but you should show what you know. Clearly sword word, the most basic of basics in sword work, requires more study on your part before you instruct it.

I love your laid back attitude (my perception). Take of your hats though. Move your body, connect with your training partners and make yourself sweat...every time you're in the dojo. Don't look back ten years from now only to discover you weren't really training aikido...that's such a huge blow to the ego when you only need chip away at it bit by bit, everyday.....

Good luck to you,

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