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Out of the Zone.

Once our teacher got the attacker to ski (mid-section) with tanto in right hand while holding another in their left and try to disrupt the following kotegaeshi. I chose to go up against the big slow guy that cant seem to get the subtleties of Aikido (because I know he is quiet good with a weapon, I went against him once - we both had shield, (blunt) sword and armour - that Euro medieval weaponry stuff.) He totally disrupted my bad kotegaeshi by basically crashing into me. During the tumble, as I was falling/scrabbling backwards he lunged viciously with the left tanto straight the centre of my throat and touched it with the tip and held it there as we fell. I broke away and rolled out but too late. I'm sure no one actually saw what happened in there. He had excellent control, I was totally unharmed but realised I would have been ****** if he wasnt being nice about it. I stopped and gave him a formal bow and he gave he a gruff nod of acknowledgement. I dont think anyone knew why I was bowing to him.

Anyway, what happened to the rest of the people training I'm not sure. The instructor never did that drill again.

Try it if you want, but ... er, perhaps swap the tanto for a rubbery one?
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