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Re: Ichi no ken ?

Raul Rodrigo wrote: View Post
Carsten, Inaba's relation to Kashima Shin ryu is not a simple as you put it.
What part of my simple statements contradicts which part of your detailed version?

I just didn't want to become this special issue the main discussion of this thread. As it allways happen when mentioned ...

Karl Friday wrote: This is not really an issue that reduces to opinion: ...
But it is - as always when dealing with similar problems of tracing the lines of a koryu - an issue that relies on first knowing and second evaluating the facts.

... Ulf refers to ...
Who do you mean?
Do I get something wrong?

... derives from Kashima-Shinryu, via Inaba Minoru, the head Aikido instructor at the Meiji Grand Shrine in Tokyo.
That's just what I said.
And knowing all the facts and of all the problems you describe and outline, I hoped the posters to be aware, that "the mainline of KSR denies that the derivate taught by Inaba sensei has the right, to be named Kashima shin ryu." And aksed: "Please respect this issue."

I myself use this formulation "derivate of / ... derives from Kashima-Shinryu, via Inaba Minoru" and a member of the german dojo of KSR found it ok.

It is NOT, however, Kashima-Shin ryu--in either a formal or a practical sense.
This now is not a fact but a result of evaluating the facts.

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