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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Eric Joyce wrote: View Post
DR jujutsu & aikijujutsu are not different names for the same thing. They are in fact...different. I think the disconnect here is that what some aikidoka think is aiki is really just ju. Don't take my word for it but research what DR aiki is/looks like and then compare it to aikido's aiki.

You may discover what you are calling aiki isn't what DR calls aiki & is in fact just another extrapolation of the ju principle. Just my 2 cents.
Thanks for your input. I have always thought that they were both the same thing. Just one being the shorter form of the other.

Anyway, it is good that we are open for discussion.

However, I do remember reading from somewhere that Judo's founder Dr. Jigoro Kano once mentioned after watching an Aikido demonstration by O'Sensei that THAT was indeed true Budo.

Maybe Kano had been searching for the secret to easily achieve "Ju" in his Judo, but could not until he saw Aikido. Kano in fact invited O'Sensei to join his Kodokan, be did not because O'Sensei had already established his own school.

What do you think of this??

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