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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Eric Joyce wrote: View Post
Something to think of Randall....why, if one can only experience ju through the use of aiki, does DR have a DR Jujutsu curriculum & a DR Aikijujutsu curriculum? Wouldn't their jujutsu be impossible to do without aiki if there is this cause & effect relationship? Just something to ponder.
I don't think he's saying that results are impossible, just that its not quite RIGHT if not done with Aiki. More like you can see / feel the difference when a master does a technique with Aiki vs a beginner muscling it, or someone in the middle doing something in between.

I also don't think the fact that Takeda created a set of kata and called them the "Aikijujutsu" series means that the study of Aiki in Daito ryu is confined to the stuff on that scroll. O Sensei found the techniques of the first scroll to be sufficient vehicles for exploration of Aiki, after all.
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