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Randall Lim
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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Eric Joyce wrote: View Post
I will make no attempts to define aiki but feel free to use the search button and you will find a lot of information. Just be prepared to be on the computer reading this stuff for a long time.

Something to think of Randall....why, if one can only experience ju through the use of aiki, does DR have a DR Jujutsu curriculum & a DR Aikijujutsu curriculum? Wouldn't their jujutsu be impossible to do without aiki if there is this cause & effect relationship? Just something to ponder.
I guess, just because something does not include an element in its name, does not mean that this something does not have that element.

In this case, just because DR Jujitsu does not include "Aiki" in its name, does not mean that DR Jujitsu does not have "Aiki" in it.

I guess both names refer to the same thing. ,
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