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i'll talk to who i want and do what i want (within the country's legal system ish)
And that is exactly what anyone who follows religious laws is doing, except they are following the laws not because their worried about being punnished by the government, but because they believe the laws are sanctioned by a G-d they believe in and that he will deal out the punishment.(And/Or their moral code matches their religious code and their just doing what they believe is right.)

Besides, who are you to judge someone elses morals? Who's to say that your's (based on those of the people that you grew up around) are better than those of someone who bases theirs on the laws of a religion that has been around for thousands of years. In fact, most of that moral code that you follow is probably based on the morals of those religious peoples who have been passing them on generation to generation since the birth of the religion.

Just my $.02
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