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Re: Nishio Shihan on YouTube

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
In the past few months, several of Nishio Sensei's video classes have been posted in their entirety on YouTube. Trying to absorb all the Sensei is teaching in these is a little like trying to drink from a fire hose, but I find his illustration of the links between weapon movements and taijutsu very enlightening. He also has a lot to say about the practical applications of the art and what makes aikido different from other Japanese budo.

These are definitely worth a look.
Agreed but even better if purchased from Stan Pranin over at Aikido Journal website where these vids were ripped off from.

Even better for you if you found someone who teaches Nishio Shihan's Aikido. Though none of us live in the Midwest right now.

William Hazen
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