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Re: Review: Kingfisher Woodworks Enhanced Appalachian Hickory Bokken

Jim, that would be me in those videos.

I appreciate you referencing them, and I hope others take a look. I know that some may not like what I'm doing, but those videos are more of a personal experiment based off of a personal question... I just post them in case others have the same question.

As for the KWW bokken... let's just say it is still the only one standing after these many tests. I am only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through my tests. I have a list of bokken I plan on testing, and currently have a Brazilian Ironwood up next, followed by a Wenge bokken and Lignum Vitae bokken that should both be here next week.

I plan on getting one of KWW's enhanced bokken soon, though it feels like it may be overkill! I would be happy to answer others' questions on this and other types of bokken. Frankly, I am eager to hear others' experiences.
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