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Question Curious technique?

Hi folks!

Recently, I've been thinking about Aikido and how it could be adapted to modern urban combat techniques. (I'm done with the Army, but I don't stop thinking about it, if you follow me. ) I started thinking about a basic handgun disarmament and how it could be 'aikidoized'; got stumped, then came at it from the other direction: which aikido technique could be adapted for such-and-such a situation using the aforementioned disarmament as the initial move. Then I went and tried it out with a friend - another ex-soldier and a crackerjack pistol shot. We've done this before; we practice using a Crossman pellet pistol (the one that looks like a 9mm. handgun) with tinfoil pellets - hurt like hell if they hit, but don't break the skin.
Anyway, here's what I came up with:
Disarming a handgun from the front is fairly easy, so I used the only slightly more difficult scenario of the weapon being held on me, from the side, i.e. at the 9:00 position with the muzzle jammed into my waist. The initial counter: I moved my L foot back slightly, exactly as I do when moving into hanmi. Since the body stays over one-point, it doesn't move, so the movement is almost unnoticeable. My left arm comes up and with the thumb high, I grasp his wrist right at the base of the hand. As my arm does this, I rock back onto my L foot, drop one-point six inches and twist to the right, bringing my feet into line. My left hand (with his weapon hand) then thrusts out straight (the 'new' straight - if I started this thing at 12:00, I twisted to 1:30, the arm-thrust goes straight out from my body as I twist, ending at 3:00 - hope that's clearer than I think it is). I rock back to the R foot. The gunman is now overextended to his front and off-balance. My free (right) hand comes up, palm to the back of his trapped weapon hand into kote-gashi. Completing the throw leaves him on his back with a sore wrist, staring down his own muzzle.
When it's written out, the whole thing looks pretty complicated to my eyes, but from initial arm movement to the point when my right hand touched his took somewhat less than a second to complete. I'm no expert at kote-gashi - only been shown it a couple of times but it has a very logical sequence. Brian told me - and I saw for myself, when we traded places - that grasping the wrist like that made it almost impossible to fire due to the way it forces the fingers outward. In any event; the move was too fast to fire on anyway.
My question is: Since it's extremely unlikely I invented a new aikido move, can anyone tell me the proper name of what I just described, and suggest any refinements? Thanx.

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