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Erik Haselhofer (Erik) wrote:
Jun, that's the fun part! Watching that bbbeeeeaaauuuuttiiiifffuuuuullll technique go right out the window at the first sign of active resistance.
I hope I don't bore, but I often find Nietzsche a wonderful interlocuter for many experiences. He admonishes, "Isn't it precisely for the moral philosopher to be...immoral?"

Doing pristine JKA karate, I always hated watching Kyokushin. They seemed ruffians, crude and brute. I get the same feeling watching Tomiki tournaments; it's aikido ugly. But I also feel the intimation that maybe it ought to be like that more often...

I think there's a reason Osensei insisted that ATEMI is 99% of aikido. Not sure I want to inflict it on my KOKYU HO partner, though.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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