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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Hey Daren,

Yup still around here! I agree, positional dominance...or at least the principles of positional dominance are exactly the same.

In most of what we do in aikido and BJJ we are trying to affect the balance/center...or better yet, the spinal alignment of our opponent to such a degree that they are at a positional disadvantage.

For me at least, say for example, Kote Gaeshi, it is less about what you are doing to the wrist than it is using that as an access point to the spine...if you are doing it as an aiki exercise.

Of course, as you put weapons in the mix, you might intially be focused a little more on the immediate area of the wrist to control, but I believe that this is a short term tactical consideration and a more lasting/permanent solution is gaining positional dominance through control of the spine or core.

I think though, to split hairs....that the pedagogy of aikido tends to allow students to focus on the extremities and what we are doing with them and acheive some success and miss this point.

Whereas BJJ pedagogy tends to put focusing on the dominance of the core (basic or literal positional dominance).

In the end though, yes, I agree if you are training correctly you reach the conclusion that "positional dominance" is the commonality to success in real control of a person.

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