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Christopher Li (Chris Li) wrote:
Of course there are unhappy endings, as there are in every type of relationship. Abuse would always be wrong, but abuse is not uncommon in normal male-female relationships either, and those don't seem (I assume) to be taboo to you...

Well it depends on the setting, really. I'd say that it's pretty common, for example, for aerobics instructors to date students, and that for the majority of people this kind of behavior would not be unacceptable. I think that it's important to note that we're talking about a voluntary activity. It's one thing to be dating students, for example, who are required to pass your class in order to receive a degree. It's quite another, IMO, to date a student in an entirely elective and non-essential activity. That's not to say that I would encourage it (because of the obvious complications that arise), but I don't think that it's necessarily unethical either.


All of your examples are "voluntary, elective and non-essential". Any class where a teacher possesses the power to grant a student's goal (be it a degree in school or a degree of white belt) contains an unbalanced relationship. It is for that reason I think many people are hesitant to endorse it in the dojo. Such a relationship is considered unethical in all the other elective and non-essential situations you described. Why would aikido teacher/student relationships be different? I haven't heard a cogent counterargument yet.


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