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Re: Aikido in MMA and Street Fight

To be truthful, you should focus on improving your footwork and keep evading, if you are in any type of situation where you are opposing your opponents force, you've left the realm of true aikido. I've noticed in my sparring sessions that when I'm being held in a clinch, over/under, single collar tie, whatever, that if i relax and feel where they are and where they are pulling/pushing, they become very easy to tip. Other than that, I'd recommend anticipating their movements and try to stay out of their range.

also, on the striking subject, in a self defense situation, i wouldn't recommend it, because of liabilities in court, they may be able to press charges. But in a sparring situation, go for it, it's a great way to amplify Aikido, and it creates openings for techniques you normally wouldn't be able to pull off against that particular opponent. =P
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