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Re: Return of the hemp gi?

Hi, Katherine - yes, especially for the herringbone, which is a lighter weight fabric than the plain twill; it has an incredibly soft "hand" - the wonderful paradox of hemp fabric is that is gets drapier in its feel with use and washing but is not actually having its fibers get weaker.
I would describe it as feeling somewhere between a midweight denim and a cotton flannel. I did a gi top using just the plain twill, which is a heavier weight fabric - being a twill it going to be more like a denim than like a canvas, but the jacket does seem to have more structure to it than the herringbone. I'm going to be emailing the fellow who is wearing it to find out if it also got to drape more once he'd laundered it a couple of times.
BTW, I've worn my pants to the dojo a couple of time now and have to sit down w/ graph paper, rulers, calculator, etc and figure out the yardage requirements, then figure out what fabric to do them in.... I think the 100% hemp is both too heavy and too pricey for the pants so will probably be doing a hemp-cotton blend for pants.

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