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There are plenty of examples of sensei who have fallen in love and married students (both men and women teachers) and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. My comment was that it can be construed as an abuse of power to have a relationship with a student, and that it is quite common to have strong feelings or infatuation with your teacher. Give it time, don't act hastily, and definately remember there will be an inbalance of power in the relationship (at least within the dojo).

I have seen relationships go both ways; where the relationship doesn't work out, and the student leaves unhappily (sometimes with other members of the dojo who were disturbed that a relationship happened to begin with, or who took sides); and sometimes where true love really blossomed.

My $.02 is to back off and wait it out. If it is really love, then it can wait. Don't do anything rash (like I sure hope this isn't your real name-or your teacher doesn't read Aikiweb forums), give it time, explore what you are really feeling.

All the best!
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