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Neil Mick
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I agree that a battle of opinions is regrettable, but...

These posts have been helpful to me; the element of politics and spirituality in Aikido has always interested me, but more so since 9/11. Every time a sensei mentions "peace," my brain goes off into a whole range of questions. If the goal of Aikidoists is to foster harmony, then what is their role when the disharmony is spawned from us?

Oh, and on a previous point: Aikido IS utopian in outlook, but very process-oriented as well. For instance, we're not all for going out into the wilderness to set up a perfect society or for believing in any given dogma (except maybe that violence is harmful to the human spirit), but we ARE into the immediate moment of the blend. That second when we transform an adversarial situation into an harmonious one. As such, we are more interested in the process of achieving harmony, rather than the goal.

At least I am.
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