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Re: Interpretacion de un doka

Para la interpretación del doka hay que tener en cuenta la doctrina de la Omoto kyo.

"Human beings must fully assimilate the principles of the Three Worlds— the Divine World, the Spiritual World and the World of Appearance; they must become vessels in order to harmonize these Three Worlds. Otherwise, no matter how much time passes, we will never be able to grasp the Will of the Great God even though it is already manifested on Earth.

When I think of the World of Appearance, I enter into the bright world illuminated by Heaven as a brilliant human being. I can perform my practices while observing the Spiritual World and the Divine World as well. Human beings are given the ability to freely act in the Three Worlds every day and to enter into the Universe just by having their minds in the right place.

It is my hope that soon you will all awaken to the truth and perform your duties as children of the Great Deity of SU (see AJ117) together with me, Tsunemori (Ueshiba Sensei), a servant of Aiki, while enjoying ourselves in the joyful gardens of the Three Worlds. We can always remain happy by having our minds in the right place. Please ask me directly in person, not in writing, if you wish to ask me how to accomplish this. I am a man of action and will personally teach you through my deeds.

I do not need a dojo. Neither do I need honor, position or wealth. I can explain the teachings even from under a tree or while on a stone. Wherever I am, I will stand on Ame No Ukihashi (Floating Bridge of Heaven, see AJ116) above the Earth, and be happy to explain the teachings whenever I am asked. Please question me."

"The true martial art which Morihei was trying to discover became more and more evident as he furthered his research and training over the years. Since human beings have eternal life in the triangle of the three worlds -the world of appearances, the hidden world and the divine world - judgements of rightness or wrongness in the phenomenal world that accompany human existence should not be made only to provide historical explanations of justice wherein the three worlds are discriminated. Rather, judgements should be based on the idea of the unity of the three worlds so that virtue and evil become self-evident. Viewed in this manner, the armed struggles which have been recorded for the last several thousand years up to the present reveal the above truth even more vividly as the world population increases and human exchange becomes more frequent and complex." Kanemoto Sunadomari.

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