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Re: Life Question - Harming Another Human Being

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
George gave an incident of O'Sensei earlier where he is said to have defeated a challenger who was trying to kill him. Well one of the responsibilities of true Aikido is that the intention to harmonize and act with the principles which extant in love and non-resistance ie: center, immovable mind, koshi etc, are so powerful that the attacker with harmful intent IS liable to damage theirself severely.

On realizing this I say O'Sensei decided as he did to do with competition for the sake of others.
Lets say all of this is true... without debate (I don't know the history). Nevertheless, in agreeing to the 'facts' there is still a contradiction in your interpretation - IMO

Again, assuming factual correctness of the above quote, WTF does abstention from 'competition' (in the sense of any contest less than life/death) have to do with not f-ing up some one trying to destroy you?

You do not see in the story, the founder of aikido DID f-up someone trying to KILL him. This was in the context of being formally challenged (and accepting - if I understand the story correctly) not being ambushed in the street, jungle, space station, etc. So, he made a logical decision to not accept challenges, rather than to continue to do so. However, I don't make the logical jump from this, to 'never hurt anyone trying to hurt you otherwise you fail' nor do I see even a remotely persuasive reason to do so.
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