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Smile Re: Life Question - Harming Another Human Being

Randall Lim wrote: View Post
Spot on! Bingo!!
Thank you Randall. In my Aikido I have a Golden rule which states: There is no against in Aikido.

This is hard for the ego to understand and yet so easy for spirit. Sometimes I conclude that there are indeed 2 forms of Aikido. One is called AIKIDO and one is called AIKEGO.

However back to the subject at hand and my statement that there is no harm in true aikido. Ego can only think in terms of competition, outsmarting, overpowering, harming.......etc.etc.etc. and cannot see or understand the power of love or active non-resistance or even humility and thus has to translate these things as weak or say the person who said it meant something else.

If you intend to harm another in a violent situation then chances are you have just made it more likely that you will be harmed and if both parties intend to harm each other then it is almost a certainty so it is a matter of taking responsibility for your true nature and and ending the situation without any intention to harm.

Now people may call this a philosophy but I call it a responsibility.

George gave an incident of O'Sensei earlier where he is said to have defeated a challenger who was trying to kill him. Well one of the responsibilities of true Aikido is that the intention to harmonize and act with the principles which extant in love and non-resistance ie: center, immovable mind, koshi etc, are so powerful that the attacker with harmful intent IS liable to damage theirself severely.

On realizing this I say O'Sensei decided as he did to do with competition for the sake of others.

Selflessness has true universal power whilst domination, force and harmful intention is the way of selfishness and ego.

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