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Re: What's With All the Pushing?

David Valadez wrote: View Post
More than anything, in my opinion, the pushing stuff one is seeing in the latest "big" shihan out of Japan seems to be related to the fact that it is more often than not staying clear of training environments that include 250 lbs aikidoka/uke.
Hi David,
It's not just the size issue... they simply don't train with anyone who reverses them. Once you introduce kaeshiwaza into the mix, the need to maintain ones vertical becomes central. Just a little over extension and the partner has you.

All proper "connection" is a balance between the outflow and the inflow. "Pushing" would, by definition, be when there is an instant of outflow only. That's why I tell my students that there is no "pushing" as they understand the term. If the partner / opponent is well trained, the instant you "push" he can redirect that energy and take your center.

If the nage already has kazushi, then the reversal will have to be in the form of sutemi waza because once you are off balance that way, you can of course be pushed over with only moderate effort. But the guy overextending is open the moment he leaves his vertical. I agree with Bill H in that sword work constantly reminds yo of how you should be using you body.

I liked your clips, by the way...
- George

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