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Re: What's With All the Pushing?

More than anything, in my opinion, the pushing stuff one is seeing in the latest "big" shihan out of Japan seems to be related to the fact that it is more often than not staying clear of training environments that include 250 lbs aikidoka/uke.

In other words, as I have often seen in law enforcement circles, folks are doing what I call "big man" stuff - techniques and strategies that are more suited to those occasions when you are NOT smaller than your adversary. The interesting part is this: In U.S. law enforcement circles that have "big man" orientations, the instructor is often a huge specimen. Here, on the other hand, we are dealing with a thinner and lighter attacker.

Not a popular view, I'm sure, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why you would bounce off a larger mass when, for example, you are leaning and have your feet all over the place. A few times of being the one to bounce off, and you stop such pushing - rejecting it as ineffective, or as only effective against thinner lighter attackers.

I'm with Stefan on this one - though please don't tie him to my above stated opinion. I mean, I'm with him when I too ask: What's with all the pushing? I'm also at a loss for an answer with all the folks on youtube that are thinking such pushing is the next greatest thing the world has ever seen - What?! Really?! Weird.


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