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graham christian
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Square Ki is Kindness.

When you perform a good technique you have completed something, something very special, you have just handled an opponent to a satisfactory end. That's very kind of you.

Do you ever question why the techniques are based on circles, center, alignment, harmony?

When a person in your vicinity is all flustered and panicky because they have forgotten their phone and need to make an important phone call and on seeing this you give them your phone then what effect did that act of kindness have? Relief and a return to center.

Kindness cuts through the confusion completely!

Ki is non-resistive therefore it cannot be opposed and reaches through to the being. It brings about a betterment of well being or condition thus it never harms. This is kindness in action.

Notice it is very definite as is true kindness. If a madman attacks you he is actually looking for someone to stop him just like the bully in school and so he is looking for this definite kindness.

Do not faulter and spiritually run away and revert to force but face him with with all of your spirit, reach through to his being and excercise your aikido with KI, unwavering, unperturbed yet definite and this madman will be on his backside feeling like he has smashed into an invisible wall and yet he is unharmed.

Unharmed yet thoroughly defeated.

You see every time you do a harmonious technique the opponent knows where he felt vulnerable during that technique and knows what you could have done to him if your intention had been to harm and so realizes he has lost in more ways than one.

It is no accident that the techniques are as they are for they follow the path of kindness, they follow the path of ki.

If this small dissertation benefits just one person I will be happy.

Thank you, G.

(To show you I do practice what I preach in Aikido you can see my videos on youtube under the name 'humblegee')
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