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Re: What's With All the Pushing?

Yes, I was only commenting on the video and only in those moments where I saw what I didn't like. For me, pushing and pushing energies are a part of the universe. If Aikido is a manifestation of that universe, it cannot do without pushing and pulling. My original reading of the article, however, had "pushing" being understood in the way I was critical of those moments in the video posted above my last post:

For me, when I'm working on striking components, in referencing to what George as written, I feel it more beneficial to work with uke running into that set of components. This is in opposition to having uke be at the end of my range of motion and me just pushing at him (as I saw in the video posted above).

Here is a video example of what I'm referring to - having uke run into the set of striking components:


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