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Re: What's With All the Pushing?

David Valadez wrote: View Post
Not me. I'm not a fan of that kind of pushing: Over-extension and the resulting need for leaning, feet all over the place, over reliance on uke's acrobatics and their unwillingness to expose your poor technique, etc. This, for me, makes it both of the two evils: pushing, and an overly relied upon "green house" training environment.

At the same time, if I were to try to understand this pushing as "striking," or as strike that was not thrown out of niceness, I'd be bothered the same way, if not more perhaps.

Hi David,
I wanted to keep the discussion of "pushing" limited to the principle at work behind it and not the specifics of the execution in this instance. In this instance I would say you are right about the leaning and extending outside ones zone of power and balance. But that is this execution not necessarily everyone's. I've seen Gleason Sensei and Endo Sensei do it without overextending.
- George

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